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YWBMTC_FB_Photo4You have really reached my heart and my head with You Will Be Made to Care. After reading the whole book, I sat silent in prayer knowing that God used this book to freshen my Faith and renew my resolve to share the Gospel and fight the forces of evil that have invaded our world.” —Susan M.


I feel my spine strengthen as I continue reading your book.  You put yourselves on the front lines with this; good thing the battle belongs to the Lord.  Please accept my sincerest ‘Thank You’ for picking up the sword and slicing through the PC blackness that has shrouded our nation.   The Light shines through when bold men act.” —Becky O.


“The authors set out to write a book that is not for policy wonks and beltway insiders, and succeed in doing so. The book is down to earth and accessible at its very core, while never losing the over-arching sense of urgency or mission that often accompanies such diction. Rather, Erickson and Blankschaen prove themselves masters of the written word, not in verbosity, but in literary agility. The pair’s rapier wit and turn of phrase engage the reader in a poignant — not-monotonous — monologue that is equal parts reminiscent of Mark Twain and G.K. Chesterton. Quite simply, the authors put the importance of the battle for religious freedom in regular words for regular folks and take a crucial step in bridging the gap between the average guy who might lose his livelihood for his faith and the guy drafting the amicus brief in his defense.” —Nate Madden, Conservative Review


“If you have struggled to make cogent, coherent arguments to support your view when you are accused of being a bigoted, homophobic Neanderthal who is on the wrong side of history, this book will give you helpful material to use in self-defense. 392 endnotes will point you to many other resources in your search for help to survive the onslaught against moral principles and social standards you thought were absolute. [It} will feel like a dinner-table conversation with a good friend. While the book is a tremendous resource, it is also powerfully inspiring.” —Katherine Harms, Living on Tilt


“As bleak as the state of religious freedom looks on so many fronts these days, Erickson does not wallow in despair…. Erickson also makes the most effective—and succinct—case for conservatism among Christians (and Jews) I’ve ever read.” —Chris Queen, PJ Media


It is a lifeline book. Especially for those who are not a part of the chattering class….Those of us who are in the trenches and alone and wondering where the cavalry has gone need a lifeline. This is one! —John Kirk, Whatcom Works


“I want to compliment you both for a well-written book that includes an important truth that too many Christians ignore. Some of the key enemies of Christianity in America represent secularism – a belief system that is rarely acknowledged as a religion itself. When the state favors secularism and muffles “religious” rights, the state religion becomes secularism. Your book spells out the issue clearly – Thank you!” —Fran E.


“When a watch does not work, you take it to a repairman. The repairman examines the watch, diagnoses the problem, takes it apart, fixes it and puts it back together.  That is how You Will Be Made to Care is written. The cultural problem is exposed (as is the mindset behind it); it is taken apart and defined, and then the repair is shown.” —Susan D. McDaniel, Voice of the Patriot


You Will Be Made To Care lays out real world strategies and tactics for the person of faith who is tired of just shaking their head in disgust and disbelief at the darkness of the culture and who instead has determined that the time has come for us all to do something. I have no doubt that if the tactics presented in this book are followed by believers across this nation, the tide of anti-Christian cultural bias will turn. —Chris Skates, Townhall


“The thing I most took away from You Will Be Made to Care is Erickson’s conclusion that we are not alone. Despite these interesting times we live in, the advice to be a light in the darkness and be a happy warrior is timeless…. It’s time for Christians to stop feeling sorry for ourselves or playing the victim.” —Michael Swartz, monoblogue


“In an age when we should be arming ourselves to fight this culture war, too many men and women of faith have elected to surrender without firing a shot under the mistaken belief that tolerance equals peace. Erick and Bill prove that this thinking couldn’t be more wrong. Because, as we learn in You Will Be Made To Care, people who do nothing WILL be made to care.” —David Leach, The Strident Conservative


“[T]he call is not a call to arms as much as it is a call to repentance and also a call to unity in a broad coalition that seeks to defend religious freedom and preserve culture, and also to recognize that however Progressives may be deluded about the inevitably of success, they will eventually fail because they act contrary to nature and truth and because God is sovereign over all.” —Nathan Albright, Edge Induced Cohesion


Fundamental teachings of the faith must be reinforced from the pulpit and at the kitchen table. Christian community needs to be rebuilt, families need strengthened, and believers must engage the culture around us. Truth has never been popular, and never will be, but the command to be salt and light still applies. We speak up in the face of evil because our faith demands it. Christianity is not a private faith; we are to live it out.Preorder a copy now from your favorite source for great books!” —Jamison Faught, MuskogeePolitico


“Why are leftists doing this? YWBMTC explains in great detail the motivations of the left to compel Christians to conform…. This book has 392 footnotes. In other words, it is extensively documented. Because of this, it makes an excellent research reference for anyone who wishes to study or teach on this topic. I highly recommend this book.” —Lynn Sebourn, TalkGOP


“The greatest value of the book lies in the final five chapters as they cast a vision for a“resurgent community” in which Christians live by a faith characterized by “doing what you [believe] to be true, often in spite of what you see, sense or feel.” Erick and Bill call us to “live what we believe to be true based on the revealed Word of God, especially in the face of the constant media barrage telling us that we are the bigoted extremists for refusing to convert to the secular religion.” —Stephen Grcevich, Church4EveryChild


“If you don’t believe Christians are being persecuted for their belief you need to open your eyes and read this book.” —Kurt Jaros, Social Apologetics 


“It is essentially a story book, only not a story book anyone will be eager to read. They are ironically labeled ‘tales of tolerance,’ in which far too many of our fellow citizens have had their livelihoods devastated, not for actions but for their beliefs.” —Leslie Loftis, The Federalist


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